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What Your Wedding Guests Care About

Ok, ok, so it’s your special day, and everything should be exactly how you want it to be, but there are some things that your guests care about! Of course, the most crucial opinion in wedding planning is your own, but here are some things your guests may be thinking about when they receive that “save the date” card.


Music is one of the most talked about topics of the reception. Everyone loves a good party, and it’s always fun when the whole crowd joins in on the dancing. This is a day to celebrate you and your partner, and the right music sets the perfect atmosphere for that. It’s up to you whether you want to do a live band, DJ, or a combo of the two, and we can help you with all your musical questions and help you choose what is right for your wedding!


Another hot topic - food! Your guests can get antsy waiting for their RSVP so they can see what delicious meals you’ve chosen. Of course, you can’t go wrong with classics like a steak, lasagna, or a chicken dish. Along with the main meal, ensure guests have appetizers (passed or stations) during cocktail hour to avoid hangry guests.


This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise! Guests always want to know the bar situation. Is it an open bar? Cash bar? Complimentary champagne at cocktail hour? So many decisions to be made. Alcohol can be pricey, so you can undoubtedly be picky with your offer. If your goal is to have a wedding with an open bar, but if you cannot afford this at a fancy venue, tour venues that allow BYOB.


That’s right; guests are swooning over your decor as well! They are taking mental notes for their Pinterest mood board. People love aesthetically pleasing displays. What’s the color palette like? What about the matching centerpieces? This is an excellent time for DIY enthusiasts to shine. We have great lighting displays to take your event up a notch.


The venue is your most important decision and probably the first you will make when planning your big day. Your venue can set the tone for the whole day! Is the area big enough to comfortably fit your guests? What about restrooms and parking? These are all things that are being taken into consideration by wedding guests. Check out our blog for some unique venues we have worked with in the past.

Planning a wedding or event? Our team can help you map out an event you and your guests will LOVE! Preview our services.


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