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Ten Tips for a Comfortable Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are right around the corner! Looking for some ways to bring your dream wedding to life? Check out these ten tips for a comfortable summer wedding!

Avoid the Hottest Part of The Day!

  • A ceremony at the warmest part of the day may leave guests feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. The sun's positioning may even negatively impact your guests' ability to see the bride and groom during some of the day's most precious moments!

Keep the Dress Code Light

  • Avoid dress code requirements that require heavy, more formal fabrics. A light dress code will allow guests to prioritize comfort and style while also aligning with the vibe of a summer wedding.

Prepare for Summer Showers

  • Always stay up to date with the weather forecast! You never know when a summer shower could appear on the weather forecast. Plan ahead and reduce stress if the weather is not on your side with a thorough backup plan!

Provide Plenty of Shade for All of Your Guests

  • A hot summer day without shade can be miserable for some. Ensure you provide plenty of spots for shade throughout your special day. Hats, tents, and sunglasses are great ways to offer guests a break from the summer sun.

Serve Light and Fresh Foods

  • Light and fresh food offerings complement a summer wedding perfectly! Consider choosing iced drinks, salads, and dishes with fresh produce to keep a fresh feeling throughout the day.

Remind Guests to Bring Sunblock

  • Nothing is worse than a sunburn! Make sure your guests are protected from the rays by providing sunblock at any outdoor portions of your special day.

Offer an Indoor or Tented Photo and Reception Area

  • Guests can enjoy the best of both worlds by offering both indoor and outdoor areas! Indoor and outdoor photo and reception areas will give guests options food optimal comfort and lighting for pictures.

Pick In-Season Flowers and Decor

  • A great way to bring your summer wedding to life is to select flowers and decor that highlight the beauty of summer! Vibrant flowers and colorful decor will help bring the summer vibe to life!

Create a Hydration Station

  • Who doesn't love a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day? Make sure the heat doesn't get to your guests by offering a hydration station. Think flavored ice water, lemonade, and even a light alcoholic beverage.

Rent Air Conditioning Units

  • Expecting a very hot and humid day? Go the extra mile and rent air conditioning units to keep your guests cool, comfortable, and happy.

We hope these ten tips will help you plan your perfect summer day. We are so excited to help plan and execute weddings for couples getting married this summer! Interested in planning your special day with us? Contact us here!


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