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How to Plan the BEST Wedding Send-Off

Congratulations...the knot has been tied, and love is in the air. After the amazing ceremony and isn’t over yet. The newlyweds need to be sent off onto their new adventure--the perfect cap to the perfect night. So what’s the best way to send them off? We came up with 5 fun ideas to personalize and make your wedding send off one to remember.


Starting off with the most popular send off trend of the decade, sparklers! This is the most beautiful and exciting way to send off the newlyweds. Bonus: your photographer will thank you--when mixed with long exposure settings on a camera, you’re guaranteed to get some incredible images. This is an affordable, simple option that will send the newlyweds off glowing.


Now this is definitely a higher budget, but nothing says ‘congratulations’ like fireworks...right?! Some companies will set up the grand exit for you for approximately five minutes at $500-$2,000 a minute. The only downside to this grand exit (besides the price) is that many venues do not allow fireworks on property. Before making this purchase, triple check with your venue.


Rice?!? Yes, rice. Rice is a classic, traditional wedding send off and has been for centuries. In many cultures throwing rice at the newlyweds offers a major sign of good luck. It is cheap, versatile, and best of all...won’t get stuck on the bride’s beautiful gown. This is a simple option that has significance linked to a lifelong of happiness and love. Who knew rice was so powerful?!

Wedding Bells

Wedding bells are doesn’t get more fitting than this. Now, this is more of an audio send off than visual, but it is exceptionally traditional, significant and powerful. Don’t have a wedding bell on-site? No problem. Many couples opt to give their guests jingle bells and cowbells in place of the traditional wedding bell.

Glow Sticks

This is for our party couples. Chances are, you have been dancing the night who said the party had to stop!? Glow sticks are an affordable, accessible option that keeps the party going. Hand out glow sticks to all of your guests and encourage them to hold them in the sky as you walk out. Want to make it extra special?! Using a speaker, play one of the couple’s favorite party songs to send them off into a fantastic fun-filled life together.

Let us know what fun send-offs you have experience?! Thanks for reading. The NuImage Team

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