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2022 Wedding Trends

With 2021 winding down and new traditions on the horizon for the new year, that means there will be unique and different trends to look out for in 2022 for weddings! Here are some of the trends we are predicting will be a big hit in the upcoming year! So whether you are looking to stand out from the crowd or be one step ahead of the trends, we are prepared to help you any step of the way to fulfill all of your wedding needs!

10 trends to look out for:

  • Going digital with invites

    • With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen how traditional, non-virtual items can be transformed to fit this new normal we have been experiencing. That includes converting paper invitations to digital ones to save money and be environmentally conscious. Virtual invitations do not mean that paper is gone, but people are just looking for other alternatives!

  • Greenery and earthy tones

    • When planning your floral arrangements and decorations, consider green or earthy tones to fit in with the upcoming trend. This trend again shows the increased focus on the environment moving into the new year.

  • Creating new traditions

    • More couples are looking to create a more guest-centered experience, and if that means tossing some traditions, they are willing to do that. Creating new traditions makes for an unforgettable night for you and your guests!

  • Weekday events

    • With many weddings canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is limited availability for weekend weddings in 2022, pushing people to opt for a weekday option. We are predicting to see many weekday weddings this upcoming year!

  • Intimate weddings

    • Couples are looking to limit the number of guests invited to their wedding to have the freedom and flexibility to spend more in other areas, to stick to their budget. An intimate wedding will help you stick to your budget and enhance the overall wedding with the ability to spend more elsewhere.

  • Outdoors/backyard wedding venues

    • For couples to accommodate guests concerned about the ongoing pandemic, many will choose to have their wedding outside for safety and comfort reasons. We can help you find the perfect outdoor venue for your wedding day from past experiences.

  • Family-oriented weddings

    • As many families could not gather all together the past few years, family-oriented weddings will be a big trend. Some examples could be tying family into wedding events where they usually wouldn’t be a part of, or having loved ones at the altar.

  • Multi-day experiences

    • Having a multi-day experience for your wedding puts the experience of each guest as an essential aspect. This can also help split up your guest list and create more intimate events.

  • Supporting local businesses

    • The trend of shopping small and supporting local businesses does not stop when thinking about planning your wedding! More couples are looking to help their community and support local businesses on their special day products and services.

  • Personalized details

    • Brides and grooms are on a mission to give their wedding guests an unforgettable event. From personalizing welcome bags to writing custom notes, the idea of personalizing everything is a trend that is here to stay!

These are a few of the wedding trends we are expecting to see in the upcoming year! If you want to learn more about how we can help make your special day unforgettable, don’t hesitate to reach out!


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