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Pros & Cons of Micro Weddings

We all know how stressful planning a wedding can be when it comes to deciding the guest-list. Micro-weddings can help ease the stress and make your wedding even more special since you are celebrating with a small number of guests, allowing you to spend meaningful time with each person there.

A micro-wedding is an abbreviated celebration of marriage in which there are around 20 guests, in a relaxed atmosphere and for a shortened period of time. While this might seem like the perfect option for you, it is important to understand the pros and cons of opting for a micro-wedding.


  • You can be more creative.

    • Having fewer guests allows you to think outside of the box easier. It is more accessible to DIY decorations or plan an outdoor wedding with a limited number of guests.

  • It can be less expensive.

    • Keeping a limited guest count allows you to allocate more money to other parts of your life, like your honeymoon or saving for a house!

  • The focus is on you.

    • Since there is not a big production happening at your wedding because you do not have to entertain many guests, the focus can be on you and your partner on this special day in your life.

  • More quality time with guests

    • With a limited number of guests, you can spend more time with each guest, allowing you to savor every moment of the day truly.


  • It’s not traditional.

    • If you have been dreaming of your perfect wedding since you were young, it probably did not include only having around 20 guests. If this sounds like you, do not settle for a micro-wedding but rather live out your dreams of having a large wedding!

  • Limited amount of people you can invite

    • One of the biggest drawbacks to having a micro-wedding is that you can only invite a small number of people, which results in prioritizing who should be there to celebrate on your special day.

  • The need for entertainment

    • Since there are only a few people, you need to make sure they are all having fun! To do so, you need to provide entertainment, so they are not bored if there is not a “party atmosphere.”

It is clear that this is a big decision, and all of the pros and cons need to be taken into consideration before planning your wedding, and we are here to help you throughout the process in any way that we can!

Thanks for reading, your friends at NuImage!


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