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5 Tips For The Perfect Winter Wedding

The late winter months may be considered the “off season” for weddings, but that doesn’t make a winter wedding any less beautiful! Here are some tips on how to integrate winter whimsy into your perfect winter wedding.

Take Advantage of Lighting:

Lighting can really set the mood and cozy up a room. Try using candles throughout the venue or lighting the aisle with a warm glow to give it an enchanted feel. We have so many different lighting options and colors for you to choose from and we would love to be a part of your special day!

Add Seasonal Elements :

Bring your winter wedding to life with seasonal elements like pine cones, white birch branches, and berries. Winter is so festive and there are plenty of ways to incorporate outside elements into your inside event.

Hot Beverage Stations:

New England winters can be quite frigid, so what better way to warm up your guests than with warm seasonal beverages! Hot apple cider and hot cocoa stands are always a hit. For the adults, you can add a hot toddy stand for flair!

Seasonal Wedding Favors:

Tis the season of giving! There are so many fun winter-themed wedding favors you can put together for your guests. Everyone loves a new mug and food or drinks are always a safe bet. Make your own hot chocolate baskets with candy canes are perfect for those cold winter days.

Seasonal Wedding Cake:

Each season has their own unique fan favorite flavors. I mean chocolate is always in season, but people certainly indulge a little more during those cold holiday months. Chocolate is also a safe bet if you aren’t as adventurous. You can spruce up a chocolate cake with a hazelnut cream filling which is also a winter favorite. If you are feeling more festive you could do a delicious spiced gingerbread flavor with a buttercream frosting.

We would love to help make your winter wedding perfect! Visit our services section to learn more about how we can help you with your wedding planning!


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